Institutional Investors

“Focused Mandates for Unique Institutions.”

Pacifica Partners offers specialized equity management for a wide range of institutional clients. Our goal is to meet the sophisticated needs of institutional investors by fully addressing their often intricate risk guidelines, investment horizons, and return requirements. We pride ourselves on providing a thorough yet flexible investment process which allows us to manage our clients’ institutional capital through their specified risk guidelines.

Our Competitive Advantage

At the heart of our competitive advantage is our focus on only specific investment mandates.  We firmly believe that no investment manager can possibly be, “all things to all people”.   As a result, we act as specialists to our clients by providing them with access to our core expertise:  Non-benchmarked equity mandates for Canadian-only and North American (Canadian & US blended) portfolios.

Our Investment Focus

Your institution’s needs are unique and we are able to customize our portfolio construction to meet specific requirements of your institution while adhering to our core focus of:

  • Non-benchmarked oriented portfolios
  • Large & mid capitalization equity investments Canadian only & North American (Canadian & US blended) mandates
  • Value-biased stock selection:
    • Our investment strategy is unquestionably tilted towards a value style of investing. However, deep-value investing is not an optimal investment strategy in all market segments and in all market cycles.
    • Therefore, our stock selection process blends our value style bias with momentum and growth strategies to ensure a diversified and risk-controlled total-portfolio.
  • Fundamental “bottom-up” stock selection process
  • Macro “top-down” sector and asset allocation
  • Active investment management
  • Concentrated investment portfolios that do not suffer from “closet indexing”
  • Risk-controlled portfolio construction and continuous risk monitoring
  • Our investment style is unique, disciplined, yet can be adjusted to meet the risk-return needs and restrictions of a variety of institutional clients.

Focused Mandates, Diverse Clients

Although our investment mandates are focused we can meet the diverse investment management needs of:

  • Foundations
  • Religious and charitable organizations
  • Endowments
  • Pension funds
  • Canadian & US corporations
  • Small to medium size private enterprises
  • First Nations
  • Financial institutions
  • Municipalities

In addition, our clients benefit from the high importance we put on accessibility and communication. Contact us at 1-877-576-8908 or email to learn more.


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