Medical Professionals

“Your goals, your portfolio”

Medical and dental professionals are unique in their investment needs. While they remain busy with their practice, the investment needs have to be met with advice that is commensurate with the individual’s circumstances.

Pacifica Partners provides 3 key attributes of professional wealth management that are preferred by clients in the medical and dental communities:

  • Peace of mind through day-to-day investment management.
  • Low cost management fees and non-transaction based investment advice.
  • Process driven as opposed to product driven investment solutions.

Often at some companies, a cookie cutter approach is presented whereby, upon the completion of a risk questionnaire, the professional is herded towards a stable of pooled funds or pre-determined portfolios. Risk tolerances, time frames, tax situations, and income needs all appear to converge. A Respirologist in Moncton, an Orthodontist in Calgary, a retired Specialist in Toronto could all have the same portfolio. In contrast, a client at Pacifica will have a truly customized mix of investments crafted over time to suit their specific personal or corporate goals.

As we fulfill our wealth management objectives for our clients, we become more intimately aware of their complete financial needs. Sometimes the solutions medical professionals require do not reside in the office down the hall or within the confines of the same company. As a result, we work with other key independent professionals in the fields of tax, legal, immigration and insurance so as to ensure that we assemble the appropriate strategy or solution.

We like to think of our clients as individual people, and that’s why no two of our clients have the same portfolio. We think that uniqueness and a history of helping medical and dental professionals across Canada and the United States better aligns us with the goals of our clients.


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