Has Vancouver’s housing market peaked?

Naveen Gopal from Pacifica Partners speaks to Business News Network's House Money host Greg Bonnell about why China's looming credit bubble will have a significant effect on the Vancouver housing market.  Please click below to watch interview.  

Vancouver’s Housing Bubble Fueled by China’s Credit Bubble

Many of us are under the impression that there is an endless supply of multi-millionaires in China who are intent on scooping up Vancouver properties at any price, often before they even hit the market. But the underlying source of the money does indeed have a limit, and we might be getting close to that…

The Global Economy – Maybe the Glass is Half Full

To say that Europe dominated the 2011 financial headlines would be an understatement. One word or comment from a European politician or central banker sent stock markets tumbling. Conversely, the smallest hint of a resolution to the debt problems of the other “PIIGS” nations (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain) sent the markets soaring. The…

Canadian Real Estate – The Ignored Election Issue

Canadian Real Estate - The Ignored Election Issue April 7th Financial Post column:- Financial Post & Pacifica Perspectives As Canadians go through yet another election, politicians of all stripes are busy dusting off campaign slogans, attack ads and policy books. Each party puts forth its best ideas to fix what ails the country and what…
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